Friday, January 23, 2009

A New Favourite - McDonald Beach!

For as long as I have known Pepper, she has gone to a beautiful off leash area in Richmond, called McDonald Beach. Paisley has been lucky enough to go there to meet other dogs, and play with Pepper. She's pretty darn good off leash with Pepper, but as soon as another dog comes by there's a flick of the switch and she goes all crazy :) I guess you can't expect much out of a puppy less than 4 months old!

Here are a few (haha ok, a lot of) photos from today's adventure

Here's Pepper looking MIGHTY good for 12 years old!

That 70's Dog

Checking out her Shadow - you never know when it might attack!

Delicious puddle water!

Jumping off a log - either to harass Pepper, or find the ball!

Goofy dog!

Time for a swim!

And maybe a dig in the sand

What a little poser! :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Angel to Devil in a matter of seconds...

Miss Paisley sure has become a PUPPY these last few days.
Shaun had her out at the doggie park and was ready to LEAVE her there by the end of it.
So far she's eaten my hair straighter, and some sandals.
There are currently 2 big holes in the backyard.
I'm sure this is just the tip of the "bad dog" iceberg!!!

The last week has been a busy one for Paisley.
She had her last set of shots and was finally allowed to hang out with other dogs.
She's met King, Whiskey, Jackson (and of course Tiara, and Pepper!)
She's gone to the doggie park for the very first time and was amazing. (although i think it was because Pepper came and Paisley stuck REAL close to Pepper the whole time!)

I'll stop blabbing, and start posting photos :)
Onto Paisley and Jackson's Play Date ....

that's my girl! :D

Does Tristan REALLY like playing with the dogs? - oh wait.. he's splashing in a puddle. that's more like it.

Awwww, they're sharing!

Paisley's boyfriend, Jackson. He's only 3 weeks older than her - but HOLY he's huge!!!

Shaun came to visit on his lunch break - YAY!

Check out the DIRT in Tristan's ear. Way to go, big guy!

She looks soooo sad!

the trio that keep me busy! :)

Paisley sneaking some of Tia's food! Bad girl!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Paisley - the world's most photographed pooch!

After her first walk of the morning Paisley was lucky enough to go out to near the airport to meet up with Shaun during his lunch hour. it was her first real play off leash (in a soccer field that was completely enclosed so she couldn't escape! haha) Cheating, I know, but we didn't know how she'd do off leash!

She was an ANGEL! I thought she'd go crazy, but she was already pretty tired, so she had a good play and stuck close to us most of the time ;)

I brought her the little yellow ball to play with, but she ended up finding a broken tennis ball and wouldn't put the damn thing down. It's like a kid who would rather play with the BOX their Christmas present came in!