Friday, February 27, 2009

Taking Advantage of the Beautiful Weather

We've had quite the great stretch of sunshine here in Vancouver.... but it looks like it's about to end :(
I guess that means it's back to the dog park in rain boots!!!!

Here's a few photos from Paisley's outing on Monday...
She had already spent a few hours over at "Doggy Daycare" ie. the In-Law's house with Pepper while I was off doing a photoshoot. She was pretty darn tired at this point! :)

It's a lazy Friday afternoon, and i think it's about time we go have a cuddle. She's already flaked out on my bed!!

and one more for good measure... a funky tree down at the dog park.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Getaway

Paisley was a super lucky dog this weekend. She got to come with us to a liiiiitle tiny island that Shaun's parents have a house on. Talk about a lucky dog. It was the very first time she was a foot passenger on the BC Ferries, and she did GREAT! Everyone stopped to pet her and tell us how cute she is :) We also met a little black lab pup named Dakota - who was only a few weeks younger than Paisley! They had a little mini-play on the car deck, then it was time to go.

After a short boat ride (in the dark - eek!) we arrived on the island. Paisley and Pepper had a great play that night, but the most fun was yet to come. Saturday morning came and the island had more guests. Maxwell, the 8 month old yellow lab from next door came to play - WOOHOO! It was PARTY TIME!!! The three dogs played ALLLLLLLLLL day. (ok, Pepper mostly watched and kept them in line)

Here are a few photos - i ended up taking HUNDREDS... I'll be sure to post more later too :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Dog Day

Miss Paisley has had a great week.
We've headed out to the dog park nearly every day, walked around the auto mall trying to find the Pooch-Wagon suitable for our little princess, and has captured the hearts of all of the neighbour kids who come and beg to take her for a walk.

Today we headed out with the inlaws and their dog for a nice Sunday walk at McDonald Beach. I think every dog in Richmond was there, but they had a blast. Paisley is soooooooo sociable with other dogs [read between the lines: she doesn't listen around other dogs] haha

Anywho, some photos of today's adventure: