Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Dog on the Block

As the days have gone by, we've begun to learn more and more about our little Paisley dog. We brought her home a week ago tonight, I can't believe it!
I'd say she's adjusted well.
She's got Shaun wrapped around her little paw :P and I guess me too :)

She LOVES shoes. Not to chew on them but to use them as pillows!

Snowboots, running shoes, slippers - you name it. If she an snuggle up with it, she's there! :)

She rules the roost over at her Grandma's house with her good buddy Tia (the 4 year old yellow lab). All she needs to do is give a little nip, and Tia's running around her in circles ready to play. They had a MARATHON play the other day... so much excitement that Paisley didn't even want her dinner - she just wanted to SLEEP!

She's a HAM when it comes to the camera too...
Which is GREAT for me! :)

More to come in a few days - paisley is making her VERY FIRST trip over to the family cabin on the Island! I picked up a puppy PFD for her today, I hope to get some cute pics of our little rescue dog this weekend! :)

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