Friday, January 23, 2009

A New Favourite - McDonald Beach!

For as long as I have known Pepper, she has gone to a beautiful off leash area in Richmond, called McDonald Beach. Paisley has been lucky enough to go there to meet other dogs, and play with Pepper. She's pretty darn good off leash with Pepper, but as soon as another dog comes by there's a flick of the switch and she goes all crazy :) I guess you can't expect much out of a puppy less than 4 months old!

Here are a few (haha ok, a lot of) photos from today's adventure

Here's Pepper looking MIGHTY good for 12 years old!

That 70's Dog

Checking out her Shadow - you never know when it might attack!

Delicious puddle water!

Jumping off a log - either to harass Pepper, or find the ball!

Goofy dog!

Time for a swim!

And maybe a dig in the sand

What a little poser! :D


  1. Seriously! How do you get such good pictures of a dog!! I can't even get Emma to sit still for pictures!

  2. hahaha it's amazing - she's such a poser!

  3. Hello Carol-Ann,
    My name is Sheri, and my friend sent me a link to your blog. We have a beautiful black lab named CAYENNE. Her mother was named Pepper. Anyway, love your photos and blog and hope it is okay if I follow along. I too have trouble getting photos of my dog. She is almost 6, and a still so puppy at times. She is such an awesome awesome dog. I look forward to watching your adventures with Paisley. Maybe we'll meet up at a dog park one day. We live in Port Moody. Cheers and hugs for Paisley.