Saturday, May 2, 2009

Busy Bees

it's been a busy week for Paisley - she's had her 'cousin' Tia over for a few sleepovers. My mom and dad headed to Vegas for a few days so we've been puppy sitting.

At first the girls were all crazy - wrestling in the living room, and being little terrors....
Eventually they mellowed out and even had a little cuddle together.

Every day I've taken the girls out to Mcdonald beach. Today I was getting ready to go, got the leashes, and called the dogs. Paisley was all excited to go - Tia looked at me like "you have GOT to be kidding - i'm not going ANYWHERE!!" She sauntered back to her crate and lied down.....

Which worked out well - because i ended up being able to take Paisley out, and try out my new lens....

Lots of Paisley Dog shots, and some spring time flower/weed shoots too :P


  1. wow...blown away by your photos

  2. :) aww thank you so much
    I had fun with my new lens!