Monday, October 26, 2009

October Recap

I can't believe October is nearly over already... this year has gone by way too fast!!!
We've had a great October - lots of time to relax with Mommy and Daddy until mid-month, then a lovely trip to Loon Lake for Thanksgiving. Paisley even got to experience the Hells Gate Air Tram! The weather has turned and when it's sunny it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Paisley loves to chase the leaves around when the wind catches them - it's absolutely priceless!!!!

The fog on the lake every morning - DAMN it was cold.. went down to -15 degrees!

Paisley enjoying the view from the pontoon boat.

It's not a good fire until it's as tall as you are.

The Thanksgiving tradition - deep fried turkey!!! 15 lb turkey, 53 minutes to juuuiiiiccy perfection!

Two turkeys.

How did his name get written in the dirt, you ask? Don't ask :|

Sleeping after a long day's work.. that hockey game was exhausting!

Making the trek down the air tram!

Typical tourist.

And time for some Halloween Portraits!

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  1. Your Paisley is so PERFECT & PRETTY. Love your awesome and amazing. :-)