Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I promise to keep updated with the posts on Paisley's dog blog this year!!!

Paisley had a great new years.
We were able to head over to the cabin to enjoy some island time.
She ran around being the free-range doggy, and had a blast.
Some photos from her adventures:

Enjoying Cable Bay

The view from Cable bay (the next piece of land is Mayne Island)

Fetching one of many sticks.

Something was more interesting behind me!

Water on the lens made for a neat photo!

Such a beautiful girl!

Underwater shots from my Olumpus waterproof camera!

I like this one. kind of makes me think of a volcano.

Miss P is a little hard to see in this one!

The police boat the Inkster at Sturdies Bay while we were waiting for the ferry home
Looking West from the community dock on Gossip

and a tiny part of a rainbow out front that we saw!

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