Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

We went and picked up little Paisley only weeks ago, but I can't imagine our lives with out her now. She is the PERFECT little dog. I can't get over it. I thought dogs were supposed to misbehave! Paisley is mellow, but alert. SOOO aware of everything that's going on, but doesn't get all "crazy". I was totally prepared for a Marley. The world's WORST dog. [ok, ok... Paisley did pull a Marley moment at the beach the other day... Drinking Fraser River Water = getting the runs..... and when you get the runs while you're STANDING in the fraser river... welll... you can paint that picture yourself]

Here are a few snapshots of Paisley at McDonald Beach with some of her doggie friends.
It's really funny because Paisley wasn't too into the photo taking aspect of this walk.
She usually is pretty good with sitting there and posing for the camera... this trip - not so much :)

trotting across the beach...

going full force with a tiny little furball!

A beautiful lab we met along the way

looking sad - with a sand mustache

and a new favourite of mine!
I had this idea when i got her to sit by the fence
but her little stare is just perfect.
It totally reminds me of an old photo where nobody smiles! :D

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  1. Absolutley love the pics! It helps when your puppy is photogenic too. I can't imagine you guys without her either.