Friday, March 27, 2009

A Family Affair...

It's been a busy last 10 days or so!!!

Paisley's galavanted at McDonald Beach with Pepper.... and a great play with Tia out there as well.
But the most fun she had was meeting up with her very own brother CHARLIE!

We spend a beautiful but crisp Sunday morning out with Charlie and his momma Leanne at a dog park in Burnaby. It's like the two knew who each other was right off the bat. They had the same playing styles, same wrestling moves and everything! I can't wait to get them both together with their other brother Cole in the next little while.

Other than that Miss P had to go in to get fixed yesterday. It was a sad sad day :( No Paisley puppies....
The poor girl cried quite a bit when we brought her home - it made me feel like the worst doggie-momma EVER.

and finally, a little taste of Spring! :)

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  1. Great Photos as always Carol-Ann. Love your puppy. Reminds me of my sweet Cayenne who will be six in June. She recently is showing some grey hairs under her chin. :-( enjoy those sweet puppy moments.